Fixed Wire Testing

What is it

Fixed wire testing also known as electrical installation condition report, period inspection report affects electrical services and systems that conduct electricity around a building. It covers all of the fixed wire within a building and includes sub mains, final circuits and associated electrical equipment.

Why do you need it

To ensure your ‘duties’ are performed, and adequate records are kept, is by performing fixed wire testing in accordance with BS7671 IEE Wiring Regulations. You can be assured that your obligations have been met under the Health and Safety at Work Act so far as electrical safety is concerned, and more importantly that your staffs, visitors, patients, buildings and possessions are in satisfactory condition.

When it need to be done

Type of Installation Maximum period between inspection
Domestic 10 years
Commercial 5 years
Industrial 3 years
Caravan parks 1 year
Places of public entertainment 1 year
Petrol stations 1 year